The work of digital media artist Greg Kowalski lies at the intersection of theater and performance art. His performance pieces incorporate interactive video projection systems of his own design that use movement or light to create live visuals.

In 2014 he directed Sarah Kane’s “Crave ” which led to the creation of Machine 5 Theater Works. The production was selected in the 2014 International New York Fringe festival where it received the festival excellence award for directing. In 2015 he did an adaptation of Beckett’s “Play” and is working on several projects of his own. A common feature of his work is the projection of live, interactive imagery using systems of his own design.

In 2017 he did the projection design for Fort Point Theater Channel’s production of Dhalgren Sunrise, a scripted/improvisational piece directed by Mitch Ahern, and has been an artistic director for the group since then.

in 2018 Greg presented Between the Day and the Night, a perfomance he calls an audio-visual poem which he wrote and directed. The piece was based on archival footage showing the French master Georges Rouault burning 315 of his paintings in a factory furnace in 1948. 

Greg has also projected for numerous sound artists using his own system which allow him to create visuals using movement, objects and light. This ability to create images through performance is essential to his concept of live projection. He has used his technique of "painting with light" to create numerous images.

From 1997 to 2010 Greg was a member of Qfwfq Duo. The duo's works were mainly concerned with sound/image/movement interaction and always had a strong "performatic" element.

Contact: biped2[at]