CRAVE by Sarah Kane

Winner of the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival Excellence Award for Directing.

In this plotless play four characters known as A, B, C and M interact in a whirlwind of dialogues voicing ideas, emotions, memories and desires. Devoid of definitive interpretation and often cryptic, Crave is a poetic piece with distinct rhythm and musicality which I felt was an essential feature of the play.
My approach to this fascinating text was to treat it as a variation of a radio play in which the pre-recorded dialog is triggered by the movements and actions of performers. Using an interactive system I devised, two performers onstage not only trigger the voices, but also create abstract video projections in the process. In this manner they act as orchestra conductors, free to determine the rhythm of the piece, all to the live music of sound artist Dave Seidel.

As a visualist for many years concerned with interactivity, I saw in Crave an opportunity to create a piece where sound, image and movement become an integral part of the play.

Directed by Gregory Kowalski

Dei Xhrist (C)
Greg Kowalski (A, B)
Susan Pepperman (M)

Dei Xhrist
Greg Kowalski

Visuals and interactive system:
Gregory Kowalski

Sound design:
Dave Seidel

2014 Fringe NYC
Sgouros Theater, NY
August 2014

Fringe NYC

Green Street Studios
Friday May 1 and Saturday May 2, 2015
Cambridge, MA

PORTFRINGE FESTIVAL Portland Stage Company - TFK/Storefront Space
June 26, 2015

REVIEWS /kind words:

"If lushly-austere, intensely-sensory, soul-rending, experimental theater is your thing, get your ass over to it ASAP!!!!"
Edgar Stephen Curo - a friend of ours.

"See this production. Let it envelop you, and it will. See if it moves you. See if you find beauty in Kane’s world, or are moved to create beauty after being a guest in it. Talk about what you felt. Keep the dialogue going. It couldn’t be more urgent."
Jonathan Alexandratos - The Public Reviews
Read full review by Jonathan Alexandrato PDF

"Machine 5 Theatre Works has created a visually stunning piece that is a thrill to watch, and a worthy accompaniment to a difficult play.
Natalie Sacks -

Read full review by Natalie Sacks PDF

"A fascinating experience overall."
Sarah Chichester - NY Theater Now

Play fragments

Dei Xhrist, Dave Seidel and Greg Kowalski

The stage at Green Street Studios.

Performance photos


Dei and Dave during Crave rehearsals at Chailey Mansion, Newburyport, MA.