On November 15th 1948 at the age of 77 the French master Georges Rouault burned 315 of his paintings in a factory furnace. Astonishingly, the event was filmed and footage survived to this day. Between the Day and the Night is a non-narrative performance inspired by this found footage. Devoid of dialog, the piece is an audio-visual poem in which the performer is immersed in sounds and images created by his own movements. Interactive apparatuses trigger sound and visual events that give a voice to the old footage and the ashen remains of the canvases.
Created and directed by Greg Kowalski
Movement: Geoffrey Koetsch
Sound design: Dave Seidel and Greg Kowalski
Analog film: Douglas Urbank
Set design and interactive systems by Greg Kowalski
Projection design by Greg Kowalski

A fragment of Between the Day And The Night was performed as a work in progress May 13 2016 at Deep Thoughts in Boston as part of the Systematic Scoring Method Performance Showcase.

Past performances:
The Wire Factory
Lowell, MA
March 2-3 2019
The Cannery
South Penobscot, ME
June 22-23, 2019

FPAC Assemblage. 
Fort Point, Boston, MA
Saturday, September 28-29 

     The Sprinkler Factory
     Worcester, MA
     Saturday, October 12-13

Video used in the performance based on footage of Rouault burning his paintings


Dave Seidel and Greg Kowalski at the Cannery.

Dave Seidel, Greg Kowalski, Geoff Koetsch

The stage at the Cannery

The stage at the FPAC, Boston. 

Rehearsal at The Wire Factory, Lowell, MA

The stage at the Sprinkler Factory, Worcester MA

Dave Seidel

Geoff Koetsch

With Dave Seidel during rehearsal in the early days (2016) at Chailey Mansion
Screengrabs of projections